AgPlanet is an online database of every supplier of goods and services to the agricultural sector in New Zealand. In this we include arable and pastoral farming, horticulture, orchards, forestry, pig and poultry farms, and other industries based on the land or in the primary sector. In general, the agribusiness sector.

We hope to improve the productivity of the agribusiness sector by detailing the collective knowledge of the suppliers and customers involved. We aim to collect data from every brand, every supplier, every service that is available. We want to be polite to both suppliers and end-users, so our listing fees are zero, (or are modest for better coverage – and these fees can be reduced by helping extend our network more quickly).

AgPlanet will not take a cut from any sales that eventuate from the site, and will not be a party to the transactions. Those suppliers wanting better coverage of their products and services can pay one annual fee of no more than $795 + GST, to use every extended feature of the site. There is no ‘gold, silver or bronze’ scale, every paid subscriber is on an equal footing.

Note:  For every new potential contact supplied to AgPlanet through normal business networks, we will drop this listing fee by $100 until it is $195 + GST for the full year. Six accurate business contacts gives a $600 maximum discount. The contacts need not result in paid listings, they help to fill out the database.

Suppliers can list all their goods and services and brands for free, but some of the powerful searches on the database will not pick up all their data. However, all brands, basic descriptions and the headings will be searchable on free listings.

Paid subscribers can advertise any products in ad format for the whole year for free. Casual ads are listed until sold direct by the advertiser, with a small standard fee to AgPlanet of $5+GST per ad, and no cut on the sale.

Suppliers are asked for details on commercial benefits from their agribusiness products and services. When added together with moderated feedback from farmers and customers (also a feature of the AgPlanet site), this can help with purchasing decisions. Any visitor to the site can run the AgPlanet detailed searches, but only paid subscribers will have their goods and services picked up on special searches.  Simple searches will pick up all products that fit.

A dairy farmer could search the site for dairy farming equipment with a fast payback period or ROI, with the price limit being under $2,000. Responses could be ordered in terms of ROI.

All goods and services will be classified with icons like “Made in NZ”, “Labour saving”, “Overheads saving”, or  “production improvements”. Paid subscribers have a more powerful choice of icons to use. The supplier will choose which icons apply to their listings, and customers will be able to comment on these settings in a moderated forum.

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